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Faith Ministry Stories


Posted by Jean Peikert, RN on

Now that spring is just around the corner, we will be spending much more time outside in the sun. The main risk factor for skin cancer is ultraviolet light which can come from sunlight or tanning beds. There are several kinds of skin cancer: Basal Cell – the most common; Squamous Cell...

Happy Lent!

Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

Ash Wednesday was a powerful day. We had a mini-chapel with the kids from the Lakes Area Discovery Center daycare. Then a wonderful homemade lunch before a 1 pm service and then a packed sanctuary for the 6:30 service. I had everyone write their name on a sheet of paper, then leave the...

Ash Wednesday at Faith

Posted on

Ash Wednesday at Faith started in the morning with mini-chapel. Thirty five pre-preschoolers heard a  message from Pastor John, learning about the tradition of using ashes and about the season of lent. The message closed with a blessing with water – rather than ashes &ndash...

Council Update

Posted by Joe Mollner on

We held our February Council meeting on the 21st and spent some time getting to know each other as we had four new people who were attending for the first time. We also talked about things that were going on at Faith, including the Annual Meeting. We had people come up after the meeting and...

Healing in 60 minutes

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We were at the mall taking care of some shopping.  Our friend of many years lives near-by.  She is in the early stages of dementia and lives alone. “Let’s call and see if she is home, we could swing by for a visit.”  No phone number in my contact list. ...

Father Daughter Ball nurtures cherished relationships

Posted on

Father Daughter Ball HUGE Success! The annual Father-Daughter Ball saw the Faith Life Center and North Lobby transformed into a Hollywood setting for the theme “Hooray for Hollywood” on Feb. 4. Fathers, grandfathers, and other father figures and daughters of all ages enjoyed...

Mardi Gras!


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It was an event to remember! On Wednesday, February 22, Faith hosted a family friendly Mardi Gras celebration where we learned how Mardi Gras relates to our faith. Over 150 people enjoyed fantastic jambalaya and kingcake. Carnival games, a bouncy house and Mardi Gras mask crafts...

Avoid Flu Reinfection

Posted by Jean Peikert, RN on

Now that the flu season is here I thought I’d just write about a few things that might help us to avoid getting reinfected again. Can you reinfect yourself by using the same toothbrush after you have been sick? The answer is, yes, it is very possible. The best thing you can do is...


Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

One year ago, during the January 2016 annual meeting, Faith Lutheran extended me a call to be your new senior pastor! What a year it has been and what a wonderful congregation you are for my family and me. You have welcomed us in so many ways. In January of 2017, I spent a few weeks talking...


Posted by Kathy Norquist on

I wondered if I was suited to serve on the Church Council three years ago when I was asked to run for the position. What gifts did I have that would contribute to the Council? That first year the Church Council consisted of ten men, Bev Larson, a most dedicated, creative and knowledgeable...