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Faith Ministry Stories

Better than free ice cream

Posted by Faith Lutheran Staff on

Faith ministry continues, even as we remain physically distant. We celebrate God's Spirit leading us this past week.

Thank you to the many families who trimmed trees in the Memorial Prayer Garden on Sunday! What joy to see your smiling faces and beautiful hand-made ornaments. Below are a few of our young decorators.

We have a new camera angle! The addition of a high definition camera above the fireplace and a camera mounted on the pulpit side of the sanctuary gave live streamers new views that enhance at-home worship.  And wow! Your immediate response to Pastor John's "A Pay It Forward better than free ice cream" message was incredible. Thank you for the free pizza delivery during tree trimming on Sunday and thank you to whoever paid for Pastor John's coffee at Kodiak on Tuesday. You are a force for good in this community, Faith Lutheran.  Below are images from the new cameras. Don't the Christmas decorations look amazing?

Our ministry to the homebound continues with frequent phone calls, cards and notes. We were amazed to learn last week that one of our members has sewed and donated over 700 masks. Isn't that incredible?

You did it, Faith! We hit our goal of 200 Statements of Intent for our Praise God! stewardship campaign. As promised, the stewardship team is working hard on their 200 push-ups. Be sure to watch our Sunday livestream to see their efforts.  Here's a sneak peek at a team member having fun with the challenge.

As you witness ministry happening in your home or neighborhood, or as you share God's grace with others, let us know so we can celebrate with you! Email