I wondered if I was suited to serve on the Church Council three years ago when I was asked to run for the position. What gifts did I have that would contribute to the Council?

That first year the Church Council consisted of ten men, Bev Larson, a most dedicated, creative and knowledgeable woman, and me, an invisible older woman. Long, sometimes very difficult meetings were not easy. We faced time consuming issues, much concern for the Church finances, and yet another interim pastor. I felt ill-prepared to contribute, and thought, “That’s it, my three year term will end after one year.”

So, I did begin my second year, and began to be transformed by my experience on the Council. Nominations of women from Joe Mollner created a gender balance! Kyrstin Schwarz and Christine Davis welcomed me to Christian Education. Sally Beaudet included me in the work of the Christmas Child project. Janet Hughes alerted me to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that would be good for Faith. Dedicated young women stepped forward to lead the first MOPS group. Nancy Linkert generously led a special group of volunteers to care for the MOPPETS. I began to find my niche as a Faith Lutheran Church Council member, and to realize that I did have gifts to bring. And all of these dedicated disciples, and many more, contributed to my growth.

My third year on the Council began, and yes, I made it the distance! I felt blessed that I took the risk to offer what gifts I could, and felt that I had made a contribution to Faith Lutheran. How fortunate I have felt that I did continue, and to have been a part of the wonderful and positive new atmosphere as Pastor John arrived, bringing us joy and enthusiasm.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been a member of the Church Council. During the past three years I have learned that being willing to offer a gift of time or service means that the gifts and the contributions of many, many, members of our congregation will be there for guidance and support. How blessed we all are to be a part of this Congregation! -Kathy Norquist