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11/1/15 Stewardship Temple Talk by The Stewardship Team
Joy and Blessing Sunday is on November 8.  Pastor Salness will be preaching his one and only sermon on financial stewardship. We realize that stewardship includes so much more than financial contributions... READ MORE

Everyone has something to share - Serving Children and Families by Diann Checkalski

To My Church Family, I was recently asked why I’ve taught Sunday School for so many years. Like God’s teachings, the answer... READ MORE

Busted or Bussed Ed.? by Sharon and Cliff Hill
It was just two weeks ago, I believe, that Pastor Salness opened his sermon with the confession that his retirement has been a failure.  What he didn’t say is that we as a congregation are part of the reason.  All that aside, I had a good chuckle on him...  READ MORE

What will be different? by Lloyd Sather

Lately I’ve been thinking about the comments and questions regarding the arrival of a new pastor here at Faith Lutheran Church.

        “When are we going to get a new pastor?”

        “People have left Faith because it is taking so long to get a new pastor.”

               “I can’t wait until we get a new pastor.” ...  READ MORE


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