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 Voices of the Faith Community
MNFoodShare ReportBy Penny Jackson
Thank you Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Seventy Six Times!  
March FoodShare was a total success and we all played a huge part in knocking out...  READ MORE

Growing our Relationship With Jesus:  PrayBy Lloyd Sather
Prayer is part of being a Faithful Disciple.  Prayer is that vital communication with the very source of our lives.  Prayer is an act of Stewardship.  In prayer, we give a portion of God’s gift of time back to Him.  Out of every day given to us, ... READ MORE 

 Growing our Relationship With Jesus:  InviteBy Lloyd Sather
There are many helpful ways to think about discipleship and what each of us can do to follow Jesus.  We can divide discipleship into seven different faith practices: Pray, Invite, Serve, Study, Worship, Encourage and Give.  We’ll consider a different one each month.  This month we look at Invite... READ MORE

Growing our Relationship with Jesus:  Serveby Lloyd Sather

A key initiative for Faith Lutheran this year is to strengthen our dedication to being disciples of Jesus.  But what does faithful discipleship look like?  Is there a job description available?  .... READ MORE


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