Faith Lutheran Church
Memorial Prayer Garden

Faith's Memorial Prayer Garden is a meditative and beautifully landscaped place dedicated to both the saints who have gone before us and the saints still among us.

Memorial Prayer Garden Columbarium

The initial planning for the Memorial Prayer Garden began in 2005. The Memorial Prayer Garden Committee was formed, and the construction of the Columbarium and the Memory Wall was completed utilizing purchases of niches, engraved pavers and engraved names for the Memory Wall plus donations. The dedication for the Garden was held on November 2, 2008.
Landscaping plans were drawn by Bever Landscaping of Forest Lake, and the plans were divided into three phases. The third and final phase included the fountain, the landscaping and the completion of the circling paved walkway with retaining wall seating. All of the monies have been raised through sales of niches, engraved pavers, and engraved names on the Memory Wall, private donations received and monies raised through the Fund Raisers. The committee now moves to the ongoing phase of perpetual care.

Fundraising opportunities have included:

Garage Sales, Wine Tasting events, Garden Tours, concessions at Faith's Carnival, Spring Geranium Sale, Faith's Fall Craft Fair, selling medallions, serving various Faith Breaks, and baking and selling cinnamon rolls.

The sale of niches, engraved pavers and names for the Memory Wall is an on-going project.  The Memorial Prayer Garden Committee will continue to meet and plan for perpetual care for the Garden and the landscaping. When needed, the construction of a second Columbarium and Memory Wall will begin. Foundations for both were poured when the first foundations were completed.

Memorial Prayer Garden Documents

For more specific information, including the application documents, click here.

"A columbarium ministry revives the age-old obligation of the church to serve its members from baptism to death. Not only will this ministry satisfy the need for Christian burial, but it will bring past and present together - in body and spirit. Those who have come before us are once again part of the church community: Strengthening the ties between church and family, uniting the community of faith." (from THE LUTHERAN, May 2008, p. 25)  

Memorial Prayer Garden Video (link to YouTube)

If you have questions regarding the Memorial Prayer Garden, contact one of the following members of the Memorial Prayer Garden Committee:

Sue Gort ph:651-464-2867 or e-mail at
Gwen Hansen ph:651-464-2420 or e-mail at

Faith Lutheran Church, 886 North Shore Drive, Forest Lake, MN 55025, 651-464-3323