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Lesson days and times: 
Monday - Friday
Times arranged with instructor.
Academy Offerings
School aged children through adult:
Piano lessons (ages 6 - adult)
Voice lessons (ages 8-adult)
Flute lessons
Percussion lessons
String lessons-violin, viola, cello, bass 
Guitar lessons
Music Composition
Robin Anderson - piano
Teresa Luoma -violin, viola, cello, bass
Linda Burk-voice
Terry Burk-piano/music composition
Rachel Hart-voice
Chris Moody - guitar/Suzuki guitar
Bill Munson - piano
Linda Wadsworth - flute
 Call or email for information 
 FMA phone # - 651- 470- 4106
Click Here for a copy of the Faith Music Academy brochure. 
 Email Linda Burk (FMA Coordinator / Voice Teacher) 
Students are encouraged to share your music in public once each quarter. Teachers will work with you to arrange to play or sing in a variety of venues including: church services, church functions, school functions, recitals, care centers.
Lesson fees:  
Standard 30 minute lesson:      $25.00
45 minute lesson:                       $37.50
60 minute lesson:                       $50.00
Shared voice lessons (2 students / lesson) are available. 
Lessons fees are assessed at the start of each month and due at the first lesson of each month.
Lesson payment for the entire quarter is encouraged.
 We'd love to meet you!  Additional information for Faith Music Academy and the music programs for Faith Lutheran Church can be found on our Facebook page!  
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