Faith Lutheran Church
 Committiees & Groups
 Group Contact Person  Phone   email
 Befrienders Mike Perreault 651-429-0312
 Mission: To be available as a listening and supportive friend for people experiencing any of life's stressful transitions.

Jean Peikert
Mary Weaver
 Mission: To provide in home companionship or assistance away from home for care receivers.

 Christian Education  Kyrstin Schwartz 651-464-3323
 Mission:  To establish, encourage and strengthen a life-style of discipleship in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
  Children’s Ministry      
 Youth Ministry      
Adult Studies 
 Sharon & Cliff Hill
 Lloyd Sather
Adult Bible Studies Mission:
To grow in faith with others through the study of scripture and other Christian literature,
so that we increase our ability in bearing witness of Jesus Christ to the world.

  Church Council  Joe Mollner  651-464-8509

  Communications  Joyce Getchell  651-464-3323
To provide strategic planning, direction and recommendations for all communication vehicles
within the congregation and to the community.

  Design  Bill Somrock  651-464-3167
To ensure that the Principles of Design are applied to all projects permanent and
temporary on church property to enhance the beauty and space and support the mission of the church.

 Endowment  Jesse Johnson
 To enhance the charitable, educational and religious missions of the congregation,
apart from the general operation of the congregation.

 Faith Fellowship  Nancy Westlund   651-464-3668 
 Mission:  To provide fellowship, education and wholesome activities that relate to the Lord's work.

 Father Daughter Ball
 Colleen Marshall
 Nancy Mollner
 Curt Peterson 
 To provide a bonding experience for fathers/father figures and daughters that mirrors the love God
 has for all children.

 Finance  Joyce Getchell  651-464-3323
To provide oversight of financial affairs of the congregation and provide
consultative input to the Church Council allowing them to make sound financial decisions.

 Funeral  Barb Carey  651-464-6198  
 Mission: To provide help in the grieving process through comfort food and fellowship.

 Heritage  Donna Peterson   651-464-8254 
 Mission:  To collect, preserve and share the history of Faith Lutheran Church.

 Hospitality  Sandy Zarembinski  651-341-9175
 Mission:  Food is love.

 Library  Joanne Parsons  612-308-6549
 To provide Christian materials to educate, empower, inspire, entertain and comfort
 all age groups in a friendly and helpful environment.

Memorial Prayer Garden  Sue Gort  651-464-2867
Mission:   To serve Saints living and dead from baptism to death.

 Men of Faith   Bob Hanson  651-464-2690 
 Mission:  Individual Men with individual talents - serving in unity.

 Mission Quilters  Rita Berge  651-433-2612
 Mission:  To provide quilts, fleece hats and mittens for various local and international missions.

 Partners in Mission  Dave Cagle  651-464-3417
 To serve beyond the walls of our Faith community and identify local, national and
 world-wide mission efforts and guide the distribution of financial and human resources on behalf of Faith Lutheran.

 Personnel  Jolene Sunsten  651-982-0938
 To ensure the best possible persons are on staff in the correct positions to achieve the mission
 and goals of Faith Lutheran Church.

 Prayer    651-464-3323  
  Mission:   To pray over requests and for individuals and families of Faith each week.

 Property  Bob Hanson  651-464-2690 
Mission:  To see to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation.

 Scrip Fundraising  David Diemer  651-674-3855
 Mission:  To provide supplemental income to the general fund of the church.

 Stewardship  Lloyd Sather  612-710-2889
 Mission: Mission: To help God’s people at Faith Lutheran Church grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents and finances God has entrusted to them.

 Tech Team  Ted Lautzenheiser     651-464-9718 
Mission:  To support the computer systems, audio / visual and technical infrastructure of Faith.

 Women of Faith  Sylvia Wavrin  651-462-1898
 Enriching lives of Women through Bible study, fellowship, friendship, support of one another,
 dedication to the congregation and community of Forest Lake.

 Worship & Music
 Bev Larson
 To design meaningful worship services, recruit people for traditional and contemporary worship
 leading, to enhance worship.

Faith Lutheran Church, 886 North Shore Drive, Forest Lake, MN 55025, 651-464-3323