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Stewardship is management of that which belongs to another. All that we have, all that we are, belong to God. Our job is to manage the time, resources (money and gifts), relationships, and good creation that God has given to us.

Spiritual Fitness Challenge

Children and Youth Spiritual Fitness Challenge

2017 Capital Campaign 
Sound and visual upgrades, mortgage buy-down, operating reserve and mission grant tithes. Capital campaign questions and answers

Will you help Faith drive in the runs needed to win big with our next Capital Campaign goal? 
Pass the peanuts and crackerjacks! We are well on the way to our 2017 Capital Campaign goal of $250,800 and have $96,000 to fund sanctuary audio visual upgrades AND a tithe of $9,600 to our mission grant program! 

 Phase two of the campaign, raising $100,000 to buy down our mortgage, will allow us to expand ministry by lowering monthly mortgage payments. It will also save us $82,000 in interest over the remaining life of the loan.   
Everyone who gives a capital campaign gift – of ANY amount – between now and July 31 will be entered in a drawing for Twins OR Saints tickets! Win two tickets for Twins vs. 
Kansas City Royals, Sunday, September 3rd or four tickets for Saints vs 
Cleburne Railroaders, Saturday, August 19th. 
Let’s bring it home Faith!

2018 Annual Response Drive
500 Ways, FLFL
Are you excited about the future of ministry at Faith Lutheran? Do you love telling others about Faith and what your church is doing?

Watch for materials this fall! 500 Ways, FLFL (short Faith Lutheran Forest Lake). How will you make a difference in 2018? 

Strengthening our Relationship with Jesus
What does faithful discipleship look like? Is there a job description available? We can divide discipleship into seven different faith practices: Worship, Study, Pray, Invite, Serve, Encourage and Give.
Worship is the practice of “stepping away” from the pattern and press of daily life to intentionally love God.  In doing so, the disciple gains a deeper understanding and experience of the majesty, mercy ... READ MORE

The regular study of the Bible and books that help to enliven its message is a key way the disciple practices loving and knowing God.  Study happens privately through personal Bible study ... READ MORE

Prayer is that vital communication with the very source of our lives.  Prayer is an act of Stewardship.  In prayer, we give a portion of God’s gift of time back to Him.  ... READ MORE

Words of witness and acts of genuine hospitality directed toward our friends, relatives and neighbors create the opportunity through which the Holy Spirit brings others into relationship with Jesus and His church... READ MORE

Disciples of Jesus find ways to serve for the sake of others  .... READ MORE

Encourage others in their faith and pass on faith to future generations... READ MORE

It all belongs to God...READ MORE

It's about all of us who claim Christ as our Savior and Lord... A Portrait of a Biblical Giver

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