Faith Lutheran Church

Mission Message


Seeking God, Serving Others 




Ministry Priorities

1.  Young Families: Focus on serving young families through ministry and family-centered activities, while continuing to support current ministry programs.

2.  Christian Education: Provide more opportunities for Christian education, spiritual formation and fellowship at every age.

3.  Worship: Provide meaningful and relevant worship opportunities for all. 

4.  Serving the Wider Community: Support community outreach and ministry opportunities such as sheltering the homeless, food shelf projects, school supply drives and numerous other opportunities to serve our brothers and sisters in the Forest Lake Community.

Identified through discernment process led by Transition Team, summer and fall 2014.

Mission Prayer


God, ignite our faith, increase our courage,

and inspire our action so that people find fulfillment, comfort, and purpose.


Faith Lutheran Church, 886 North Shore Drive, Forest Lake, MN 55025, 651-464-3323