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Faith Ministry Stories

Peace in Waiting

Posted by Dave Cagle on

Advent is a time of waiting and it can be an invaluable time of rest and deep reflection, a time to wipe the slate clean and clear out the old so we can walk into a new year feeling ready to grow and move forward without a bag of boulders on our back or chains around our ankles tied to the caves...

No Different Than Me


Posted by Nate Bergengren on

On Tuesday, as I was leaving my house for the day, knowing I was going to spend time out of doors, in the elements, walking through tough terrain, I remember struggling to find the right gear to wear. “Which hat should I wear? How many layers can I handle? Do I need to bring dry stuff to...

Rumors of Lutefisk Cheesecake


Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

Last fall, I penned a eulogy that appeared in the Forest Lake Times. The decision was made to pull the plug on a beloved 70 year old whose time had come. We had some great times together. Lasting memories that will never be forgotten. But ultimately, the spirit gave out and mercifully the Faith...

What a Crew!


Posted on

Thank you to our garden clean up crew who so generously donate their time and talents to keep our Memorial Prayer Garden beautiful and inviting! Pictured are Ann Sargeant, Renee Waddell, Joe & Nancy Mollner, Deborah Peterson, Dan & Karen Forsythe, and Jim & Colleen Marshall. Also...

All People Deserve 4 Walls


Posted on

I’m not quite sure how to describe my afternoon on Tuesday.  I experienced something new to me ... chronic homelessness. I’ve traveled to Haiti to see people live in dwellings we in the US wouldn’t consider a home.. and in Tanzania mud and stick huts were the normal. But...

Heart Attack

Posted by Jean Peikert, RN on

Heart Attack! Once these words seemed almost synonymous with sudden death. Now we know how to save thousands of lives with different life saving measures. A heart attack is injury to heart muscle due to a loss of blood supply to a part of the heart. An attack occurs when arteries that supply...

Grandma Barbara


Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

The Lutheran blood that courses through my veins runs deep. My grandfather, also John Klawiter, was a teacher at a Missouri Synod Lutheran School and still lives in the house that he and Grandma Barbara built in the 1950’s in Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles.  Grandpa John loves...

Gratitude is a fullness of heart

Posted on

The way we perceive most of the events that happen in our lives is what shapes how we feel about them much more than the event itself.  An experience of gratitude is one of the most effective ways of perceiving God’s abundant grace and getting in touch with our soul. When we can be in...

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