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We Are the Witnesses (Summer 2024)

Starting with Pentecost Sunday, our summer worship theme is We Are the Witnesses: Summer of the Acts of the Holy Spirit. Join us as we journey through the book of Acts and the beginnings of the church.

Lent 2024

Jesus Today: What does Lent mean in 2024?


February 18: What is Lent and why do we practice it?

February 25: What does Jesus really want from me?

March 3: Does Jesus get angry? Is righteous anger a spiritual gift?

March 10: Why is John 3:16 such a famous verse?

March 17: How do I receive forgiveness when I constantly feel judged? 


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Epiphany 2024

In his book, Think Again, organizational psychologist Adam Grant examines how re-thinking what we know can open our minds. Likewise, our understanding of Jesus can expand when we explore the Gospel with an open mind. This Epiphany, Faith confidently learns about Jesus with a new lens. Join us!

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Lent 2023- Seeking: Partners on the Road

This Lent we will take part in this quest together with the theme, Seeking: Partners on the Road.  Each Sunday in Lent, Faith will encounter ministry partners along our spiritual road. Come and hear the stories of Jesus found in Scripture come alive in stories from our ministry partners.  All you need to begin is a willing heart!


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