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A dove? A handprint? A house? A flame?

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Have you noticed these images recently around our church building? What do they have to do with spiritual gifts?  What gifts has God given to you?

There are 20 spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible. They can be broken down into 4 different categories.

Serving Gifts—A Handprint. Serving Gifts are characterized by their role in the church to manage, serve and build up the body of Christ in practical and loving ways.

Foundational gifts- A House. Foundational gifts are those gifts that were fundamental to the establishment of the early church. People who have these gifts are needed for planting new ministries and helping the church to continue the grow and thrive.

Revelatory Gifts- A Flame. Revelatory Gifts are gifts that reveal information to be used to guide, warn, correct and encourage the church while bringing glory to God.

Manifestation Gifts- A Dove. Manifestation gifts are gifts that display the awesome power and presence of God among His people. They serve as evidence of the Gods authority over all things.

A Dove? A handprint? A house? A flame?

What are you? Who are you? Are you ready to find out which spiritual gifts you have been given?  Join us for our 2nd Annual Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Retreat coming up in February!  More information can be found here.  Space is limited and the deadline to register is January 19!

 ~Britta Dumke


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