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Be Well Faith Update August 18, 2020

Posted by Be Well Team on

While it’s important to think of all the physical things we need to do to stay safe and well in this time of COVID, it’s also important to think about what we do to support our souls. When we experience joy, our whole system is vaccinated with endorphins or happy brain chemicals. When we exercise, laugh, or just feel delight, we block pain and boost our immune systems.

Take time to find joy and to relax!

  • Go for a walk by yourself or with a loved one. Be sure to notice the nature around you: flowers, insects, signs of the changing season, clouds, sunlight on the water. Breathe deeply and fill your lungs with fresh air. Then let the anxiety and worry go.
  • Listen to music that brings you joy. Whatever you like, if it relaxes you or makes you tap your toes, it’s doing its’ job. What floats your boat? A chord pattern? A recurring musical phrase? Meaningful lyrics? An individual instrument or a combination of may instruments or voices?
  • Revisit favorite photos! Have you noticed how that unexpected trigger of surprise over a happy memory brought on by a photo makes you physically smile? And don’t be afraid to let those who are associated with the photo know the joy you experienced from that memory.
  • Listen to/engage with Pastor John’s awesome sermons or Deacon Nina’s joyful prayer minutes.
  • Exercise, craft, bake, read, … whatever brings YOU joy… do it! The list is as unique and varied as we are!

Be Well, Faith! Encourage each other and take time to recognize the goodness around us all. Find joy! Amen!