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Be Well Faith Update August 25

Posted by Be Well Team on

In-person worship is another opportunity for us to connect with our Faith family and is an especially good option for those healthy individuals who do not have reliable technology to stream our services online. Coming to church is something so familiar to us, and yet, it has been necessary to make modifications to ensure that we gather safely. On Monday - Thursday of each week, Deanna is available to take your calls that let us know you plan to come to worship on Sunday. When you arrive, you are greeted warmly by Katelyn McNamera for a health screening and then Nate or Linda check you in. Dan Forsythe and Don Steinke guide you to your place in the sanctuary and assist you throughout worship. Everyone in the church is masked and we all remain physically distanced including an offering plate and communion that are no-contact.

The small number of people who have attended worship in-person comment on how good it is to see others and worship in the beauty of the sanctuary, especially when they have not been able to access our streaming services. The wonderful volunteers who assist in worship are all focused on ensuring a safe worship experience for everyone.  

Our in-person worship schedule for September is as follows:

Aug 30 - 10:30

Sep 6 - 9:00 with communion

Sept 13 - 10:30 with communion

Sept 20 - 9:00

Sept 27 - 10:30

Each week, please call (651-464-3323) or email Deanna ( ) in the church office by noon on Thursday to be included on the list for in-person worship. Please remember that in-person worship is limited to 60 people so calling is a necessary and essential step.

Whether it feels familiar or new or something new amidst the familiar, we invite you to stay connected with our Faith family through the beautiful and powerful act of worshipping together whether digitally or in-person. "Be the body of Christ: welcoming all, inspired by God, and sent out to live our Faith."



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