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Be Well Message, April 13, 2021

Posted by Be Well Team on


Vaccine Reminders... and One Special Thought....
Friends of Faith!
  • Everyone 16 years and older is recommended to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to them. 
  • This link can help you find a vaccine location or connect you with a hotline.
  • You can reach out to us at Faith if you are in need of support in the process.
  • Remember: Wear a mask; wash your hands; stay 6 feet away from others; stay home if you are sick.
And one more thought.... Why do we keep reminding you of messages and information that seems to surround us daily? We want to be ready to gather safely TOGETHER when the time arrives. That gathering includes greeting each other as friends we haven't seen for a long time, as well as with the sharing of the peace - hugs and physical touch. We need to be mindful that everyone will not be ready for hugs and physical touch at the same time... or maybe ever. 
This past week the Cherish All Children Wednesday prayer/devotion, always linked in the Tuesday Faith e-news, reminded of the importance of asking for permission to hug someone. If we intend to Be Well, these thoughts from the link are important food for thought:
"... building healthy boundaries, honoring and respecting the wishes of all, strengthens our welcome as a church. Asking for consent is a key principle in healthy relationships and one which we have not honored well as a society. Modeling consent in our church practices and teaching people what this means and looks like, can help individuals and families practice consent in relationships outside the church walls as well."
Let's be physically, spiritually, and mentally well, Faith! Let's think of others and their needs, as well as our own. Amen.