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Birchwood Courtyard Garden Addition

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Faith's Mission Grant Program encourages members of our community to respond to God's call.  Financial grants are awarded to projects that serve others and are relational in nature. The grant program challenges all of us to consider, "What is God calling you to do in this moment and in this community."  Faith member Jeanette Hahn answered that call by partnering with a local senior care facility, building relationships through gardening:

Through association with Birchwood Senior Care Center residents during my father and mother’s care, my family developed friendships and relationships with residents and staff. In appreciation, during the last two summer growing seasons we have initiated an on-going volunteer garden improvement project. The “Courtyard Garden” has daily visitors, including residents, family guests and other visitors. The gardens provide a meaningful presence in the daily lives of the residents.

Previously established inter-active gardens at the courtyard’s north end are elevated, allowing residents using wheel chairs or walkers to engage in planting and tending to plants. The patio gardens are at the south end of the courtyard and are enjoyed by those sitting outside. Through the Faith mission grant, we added a second perennial garden in this area to complete a bigger garden plan. The grant covered the expenses of dirt, soil additives and perennial plants. In addition, the Forest Lake High School FFA green house generously donated (and will continue to donate) annual flowering plants to the garden.

Upon completion last fall, the plants were appreciated and admired.  And residents are offering suggestions about plantings for next spring. Tending of the gardens  is an excellent opportunity to interact with residents using the garden.

Jeanette Hahn

Thank you, Jeanette, for applying for the grant and for your advocacy for Birchwood residents!