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Connect With Yourself

Posted by Be Well Team on

Throughout the month of February, the Be Well, Faith committee would like to share a weekly message based on information shared through the Minnesota Department of Health. The topics for these communications center on “connection as one of the most important things for our mental well-being.” Staying connected is one of the greatest challenges from COVID-19. These messages will focus on the importance of staying connected to our neighbors, loved ones, and the environment around us, and provide some tips on how to do that.

Week 1 - Connect with Yourself

Connecting with yourself can help you understand your personal needs for strong mental well-being.

This week, take a moment to check in with yourself without distractions from work, family, technology, or other demands. Think about your needs and ask yourself if you are meeting them.

Make a daily checklist of things you like to do that help you feel well. Use the wellness guide (PDF) for ideas. Your list is for you, and can include anything from calling a friend and eating balanced meals, to dancing to your favorite song. Keep your checklist in a visible spot, and check it daily to see if you are meeting your needs.

Parents can visit Tips and Resources for Children and Parents During COVID-19 for practical ideas and tips to support yourself and your children.

Lastly, keep track of your daily habits and how they are changing. Monitor your alcohol, tobacco, drug, and media use. If you notice changes, seek help from a health care professional. Find more information and resources on coping and stress, including alcohol and substance use. 

Be Well, Faith!