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Connecting through Jesus

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Our youth are on a mission trip to Alabama this week. Every day one or two youth send an email update about their day to all of the parents. Please lift up these young missionaries in prayer as God works through them.

Hi Eveyone!!!

It's Macy and Madie Roberts! We are a part of "The Magicians" crew with Kyle and Bob as our leaders. Today we got up and had breakfast then headed out to our sites. We went back to Restoration Academy to work with kids. Restoration Academy is a private school that helps kids that come from broken backgrounds. Today I (Macy) got to go back to the 3rd grade classroom! We read, counted money, played outside, and also read a Bible story and led prayer. They love playing with Madie's and my hair but also braiding it! Our favorite time is Bible time and seeing the young children so involved during this time.

After going to the school we went and had lunch with our crew and had more bonding time. Then later we sorted clothes by size and gender for the community clothes exchange! 

After we got our showers done with we headed to the Birmingham Institute of Civil Rights but had some time to kill. Our group went to the nearby park and had devotions with youth pastor Alex, one of our group "The Magicians" leaders. We really connected as a group through Jesus during this time. We talked about how some of our jobs this week may seem small but that we are here for a purpose to make the lives of the residents here better in anyway we can. We prayed in the park after and it was a very beautiful experience.

After that we went to the Civil Rights Institute. It was a very eye opening experience. It was interesting to see the history of this town and the segregation and racism through out the years. It is something I will never forget about this trip. 

When we finished with the museum we then stopped for ice cream! We had pizza ordered for dinner, and another amazing Large Group time tonight! We can't wait for amazing day tomorrow! We are so blessed! 

❤️Macy & Madie