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Create a Healthy Environment

Posted by Be Well Team on

The environment around us can have a major impact on our mental and physical well-being. 

Improve your personal environment 

Your home and work environment can influence your mood and motivation and create or reduce stress. Creating a comfortable and healing environment that works for you can help you feel energized and calm. Consider reducing clutter and visual noise, improving lighting conditions, adding plants or other glimpses of nature, and reducing background noise. 

Take a moment to connect with your home environment, and create a space that works for you. Check out the websites below for information and tips: 

.        How does your personal environment impact your wellbeing?, the University of Minnesota.

.        The Connection between Your Home and Your Sense of Well-being, the University of Wisconsin. 

Nature heals

Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress, and increases pleasant feelings. Take some time this week to get outside. Concentrate on the scene around you. Even a quick step outside can feel rejuvenating and help balance our moods. Consider taking a short walk around your neighborhood, driving along a scenic route, or even grabbing a quick moment in an outdoor space near you. 

If going outside is not an option, try to bring nature indoors. Houseplants, aquariums, or even posters of nature scenes can all help bring an element of nature into your home.

Check out these websites for ideas on how to get out and enjoy Minnesota outdoors:

.        10 Nature Activities to Help Get your Family Through COVID, Children and Nature.

.        Recreation activities in every season, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Be Well, Faith!