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Dietary Guidelines for Americans – Eat less Sugar

Posted by Jean Peikert, RN on with 1 Comments

The guidelines are intended to help Americans make healthier food and beverage choices.

What are “Added Sugars”? Added sugar refers to any sugar that is added to a food in addition to the sugars naturally occurring in the food. For example, chocolate milk contains both natural milk sugar as well as the added sugars that come from chocolate syrup. The biggest sources of added sugars are regular soda, sugared beverages, most sport drinks, cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, and pies.

Some tips for limiting intake of added sugars: Drink water instead of soda or sports drinks or sweetened juices. If you drink coffee, reduce the amount of sugar or cream you add. Sweetened beverages are the biggest source of added sugars in the US diet.

Replace sweets and sugary snacks with healthier options. Snacks that seem healthy, like granola bars or flavored yogurt can contain high amounts of added sugar. Instead of a sugary afternoon snack, have a piece of fruit. Food manufacturers use many different forms of sugar, and it is not clear if a food contains high amounts of sugar. Avoid foods with any of the following listed in the first 3 ingredients: sucrose, evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, honey and maple syrup. The foods that are highest in added sugars are usually found on the interior aisles of the grocery store.

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Rita Berge Apr 10, 2019 8:44pm

Snack foods also may contain larger amounts of sulfites and forThe print is small on the package, I carry a magnifier

Another allergic source in food is for those other sea food may cause a reaction.