The snacks are dispensed out of the nursing offices and provide help for kids who come to school hungry and are sick.  Students go to the nursing office for a snack and are able to return to class.  The donations provide food to take medications and for kids with diabetes needing a snack.  Kids who need to “chill out” are able to go to the nursing office, get a snack and talk to an adult.  This has been extremely beneficial in lowering behavior incidents in the schools.  After our first delivery we purchased more snacks on two occasions with the money contributed to the project and delivered to the school.  We are now being referred to as “snack angels” at the school.

We would like to deliver snacks to start out the school year before we do our annual fall snack drive so if anyone is interested in making a cash donation please mark your donation “God’s Work Our Hands” and place in offering or send to the church office.  Thank you in advance for considering a donation to this important outreach project that is building our legacy in the community.

Betty Hestekin