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Faith Ministry Stories

Kindness, Love, Comfort and Encouragement

Posted by Joyce Getchell on

What is Faith’s mission statement?  Imagine if everyone at Faith could answer that question without pause! A mission statement is a summary of what we DO as a church.  It helps guide decisions about priorities, actions and responsibilities.

In January 2019, the Faith congregation adopted a new mission statement:

Led by the Spirit to share God’s grace.

On Sunday, May 5, all were invited to engage in this mission so that it could inspire our shared ministry. Pastor John opened with a reflection on “Led by the Spirit.” Then participants engaged in guided discussion around “Led by the Spirit.” Feedback was collected on sticky notes, and Deacon Nina summarized the discussion for the large group. The same format was followed for “to share God’s grace.”

This is the first of a seven-part series to share the results of that discussion.

What does the phrase “led by the Spirit” mean to you? It is synonymous with kindness and love, comfort and encouragement. When we are led by the Spirit, we are selfless and courageous. We emulate Jesus and see Jesus in others.  We do the right thing!

Led by the Spirit is action. It’s leading, moving forward and looking for opportunities to serve.

Led by the spirit is contemplative. It’s listening for God’s voice and listening to others without judgment. It’s an energy, a warm feeling, inside each of us.

Led by the Spirit is humble. It’s following God’s lead, God’s commandments and the Spirit’s guidance.

What does the phrase “led by the Spirit” mean to you? Comment below to join the discussion!


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