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Faith Ministry Stories

Other little buddies starting to grow

Posted by Faith Lutheran Staff on

Faith ministry continues, even as we remain physically distant. We celebrate God's Spirit leading us this past week.

What bounty! Through Faith Feeds our Neighbor, we have collected 103 pounds of produce from 16 families, all donated to Community Helping Hand.  Thank you for sharing your green thumbs...and your stories!

"I dropped off a couple of tomatoes from Sampson this morning." ~ Alan

"Stephen the tomato has produced 3 lovely Romas that I will be dropping off at the food shelf tomorrow morning ... I hope he keeps producing too! He never got very tall, but I think there are other little buddies starting to grow." ~ Stephanie

"Three of us ... have plants in my garden. Last week Ada produced one pepper, and Ruth produced a few yellow pear tomatoes  The remainder of our donation was cucumbers, summer squash  and zucchini. This week both Noah and Ruth produced a few yellow pear tomatoes. The rest of our donation was zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers again.  I also have 2 celebrity (Abel and Peter)  and 2 Sunny Boy  (Julia and  Susanna)  tomato plants. They have not begun to ripen." ~Shirley

Our ministry to homebound members continues.  All Faith shut ins are receiving a card and / or artwork this week from volunteers who continue to reach out in love and compassion. Thank you (especially for the colorful unicorns!)

It is a joy to begin celebrating Holy Communion in our homes. As the elements are consecrated on our Sunday livestream, at home viewers are invited to join in with crackers, juice, or whatever they have on-hand.  May sharing in the body and blood of Christ strengthen all virtual believers!

Our volunteers are amazing! Thank you to all who are helping maintain our grounds and property, especially our Grounds Beautification Team led by Colleen Marshall, building maintenance volunteers including Chuck Anderson, DeWayne Jacobson, Dan McPhail, Tim Davis and Joe Mollner, and our growing lawn mowing crew including Shirley Sunsten, Scott Erickson and Cliff & Sharon Hill. You're the best!

Welcome back Ginger! We are delighted to have Ginger Kell back on Faith Custodial Staff. She was part of Faith staff from 2014-2018, and does a terrific job caring for our facility, keeping it welcoming and inviting. Ginger will be at Faith Monday and Tuesday evenings.

We look forward to kicking off a new sermon series on Sunday based on the Gospel of Matthew. This Sunday, read Matthew 14:13-21 and be ready to reflect on how Jesus pivots to compassion.

As you witness ministry happening in your home or neighborhood, or as you share God's grace with others, let us know so we can celebrate with you! Email      


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