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Refugee Updates

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In Jeremiah 29, we read about the Babylonian exile. This gives us an opportunity to reflect on refugees in our own context. What are you most thankful for as you consider your freedoms?

Thanks to Yusuf Abdi and Leah Baker from Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, we have a glimpse into the life of a new refugee to Minnesota.  Faith is a refugee outfitter for another family that arrives from Afghanistan on Tuesday, November 28. The father worked for US military operations as a Security Company Squad Leader and speaks English/Dari/Pashto languages. The family will live in Saint Paul in a house near another Afghan family resettled previously.

Mohammad -father

Jamila - mother

Sadaqat -20 year old son

Leyaqat -19 year old son

Shawkat -17 year old son

Sehrab -15 year old son

Nelofar -11 year old daughter

Rayhana -9 year old daughter

Rokhsar -7 year old daughter

Thank you for supporting this important ministry!

Refugee Video

The following is an update on the family sponsored by Faith who arrived 9/19/2017 to Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Raho- mother

Mohamed - father

Amal – 20 year old daughter

Abdifatah – 18 year old son

Nasteho – 16 year old daughter


Fled Somalia in March 2008. Living in refugee camp since 2008.

Joined their oldest two daughters and niece who are St. Cloud residents. Their oldest two daughters (ages 22 and 24) arrived in Dec. 2016 and Jan. 2017 through LSS Resettlement Program in St Cloud. Their niece has been living in Minnesota for 2.5 years.

Raho's family is adjusting well to their new life in Minnesota. Nasteho and Abdifatah attend the same school, and are grateful to be able to have an experience they did not think they would get to have - getting an American education. Nasteho has been turned away from public school programs back home because of her learning delays, and Abdifatah thought that he had missed his chance due to his age. They are both deeply grateful to get to participate in public school at ISD742 and be given a chance to learn and become a part of the community through the high school programs. 

Amal is very happy to join her other young adult sisters in seeking employment and beginning a path of independence and maturity as a young adult in the US. She assists her parents, and is happy to have a home with all of her family reunited together again. She dreams of starting a family of her own, and getting to work in America, like her sisters and cousin. She sees how quickly that her sisters have established themselves in the St. Cloud community, and she is eager to do the same. She even watches American television shows to help her practice her English skills. 

Raho and Mohamed are learning to adjust to the wintry weather of MN, and are very proud parents seeing how their children have worked so hard to make a home in St. Cloud. They are so happy that their youngest children can attend public school, and are eager to get more involved in the community as well. Raho feels deep gratitude that she can provide for all of her children​, now that they have all been reunited in St. Cloud. Mohamed is happy that his family is all together in a home where they are safe to live, and able to thrive and contribute


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