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Remain Worshipful

Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

As you wake up to dig out of the snowstorm, here are a few options to remain worshipful today.

Listen to our radio broadcast at 9 on 95.9 WKLX (it's an appropriate re-broadcast based on how things look outside)

Read the scripture lesson for today from Acts 9:1-19a. In your own devotional time or as a family, talk about the story of Saul/Paul. 
1. What do you think of the conversion of Saul--especially how it disrupts what he was doing? 
2. How do you respond when disrupted (perhaps like a MASSIVE snowstorm???)
3. What do you think of Ananias? How would you feel if called to tell the story of Jesus to someone that you think won't receive the message? Have you ever had that type of conversation/exchange?

Help out someone who is snowed in or grateful accept help if you in need of assistance.

Say a prayer for those in our congregation, in your family, or in the world who are in need. Especially, as we think about the road to Damascus (present day Syria) that Saul was walking on, we remember the innocent Syrians who continue to be massacred by their own government. God, give us your peace and guide us to share your light with this world.

We hope to see many of you at the event, Screenagers, this Tuesday night from 6-8pm. If you haven't RSVP'd, it's too late to do this online. You can still email Pastor John by Monday noon to reserve a spot:


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