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Sacred Settlement Update: Sacred Settlement in the News!

Posted by Jason Quill on

We are in exciting times as we continue to make plans for the Sacred Settlement at Faith Lutheran. The Settlement was presented to the Forest Lake Planning Commission in a public meeting on July 20th. While the site plan is still being developed, this was an important meeting and milestone for the project as we were able to engage with the city and initiate conversations that will help determine a development pathway aligned with city regulations.

At the meeting, the initial plans stimulated a lot of great conversation, and some of that discussion was captured in a well-written article within the Forest Lake Times. It included a sketch of the proposed Sacred Settlement layout, so we wanted to take the opportunity to point out a few key features from the sketch.

The proposed site for the Sacred Settlement is located at the Northeast corner of church property, opposite the building addition where our preschool operates. The entire settlement is designed to emphasize Community First principles that surround settlers with fellowship and support. As you walk into the Sacred Settlement, you will enter at a public gathering plaza in front of a common house. The common house has shared facilities and provides settlers a place to meet and share a meal with others in their community. It will also serve as a single, safe, and controlled point of entry into the secured portion of the settlement where the tiny homes would be located. Each home has a designated plot that settlers will be able to customize, and the homes will be built around a common yard or green space.

We are excited to share some of the recent developments of the Sacred Settlement, and we continue to put together a comprehensive plan to present to you in the form of a congregational vote. We look forward to hosting additional information sessions and announcements as the development plans progress. After the information sessions and the comprehensive plan have been completed we will schedule a congregational vote at some future date. We want you to be fully informed of the Sacred Settlement plans and the financial considerations pertaining to Faith prior to the vote!

Forest Lake Times article:  https://www.hometownsource.com/eedition/page-a1/page_3f9101a8-5f17-506f-be16-308c46af06f5.html?zone=01

Lakes Area Discovery Center preschool:  http://faithfl.org/about-us/preschool/

If you have any questions or comments on the Sacred Settlement, you can reach the development team at