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The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...

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In our recent gospel readings from Matthew 13, Jesus gave many examples of what the “kingdom of heaven” is like.  He doesn’t just describe heaven, but the 'kingdom' of heaven.  Jesus' descriptions are not literal, but poetic, unexpected, and drawn from everyday life.  So, what is the kingdom of heaven like?

Faith members submitted their responses to this question. Open up your imagination to hear the reflections of those in our community of faith.

The kingdom of heaven is like a pair of hands, one holding a hammer, the other holding up a throbbing thumb.  Faith and hope brought them to this moment, but abiding love binds and heals them both. ~Cliff Hill

Heaven is like relaxing in a hot tub after a long days word with your favorite people as you watch the sun set and stars pop out on a cool full moon night. ~Betty Bender

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a family reunion, when you come to the astonishing realization that the entire cosmos is your kin. The trees, and rains, and cicadas, and people who you never quite understood are all beloved aunts, uncles and cousins gathering for a delicious potluck with our Creator. ~Nina Joygaard

The kingdom of heaven is like a coral reef. Beautifully diverse with each being intrinsically interwoven and dependent upon each other. ~Sharon Hill

The kingdom of heaven is like a kitchen where a child sits at the table as a plate of just-baked cookies is placed between her and her siblings.  Many hands clamor and grapple for the delights, while others wait still and folded, confident in the promise that the plate will be full as it passes every hand. ~Cliff Hill 

The Kingdom of Heaven is like floating in a warm pool, very comfortable and loving. ~Nancy Jagiela

The kingdom of heaven is like a page in an atlas of maps where, when opened, the margins of the page, the table, the floor, and the very earth beneath them disappear.  The reader is cast into a free-fall over a view of all creation, and a voice is heard, saying: “You may choose to be set down in any time and on any place.  All things I have given to you.” ~Cliff Hill 

The Kingdom of Heaven is like eternal peace. ~ Patricia Aerts

The kingdom of heaven is like a wet dog. Covered by water of life, we are refreshed anew! Whether we roll in the dew covered grass or take a run for it and jump right in to paddle around, we share that love and joy with others. How? We shake like crazy till all around us covered with the same love and joy we experienced!! ~Sharon Hill



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