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Faith Ministry Stories


Posted by Deacon Nina Joygaard on

Vocation means “calling.”  It is something that each of us has, whether we are 6 or 96.  Vocation is not some special gift for faith heroes in the Bible like Peter or Moses - or for church workers, deacons, pastors, and bishops.  Vocation is also not (necessarily) your chosen profession.  It is how you are called to serve the Lord … doing your job may be part of that calling, or it might be completely different.

All of us are called to serve in Christ’s church and share love with God’s children.  All of us. Some of us are called to visit the lonely.  Some of us are called to nurture the young.  Some are called to building or welcoming or organizing or being on a committee to glorify God.  Some are called to care for the sick, or work with those on the edge, or work for an issue of justice.   It takes all of us sharing, serving, witnessing, and praying to spread the gospel.  That is what we are all called to do – each in our own way – as disciples of Jesus.

So who are you?  Who is it that God has created you to be?  Where are you called to ministry?  Contact me and tell me!


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