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Led by the spirit

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Happy New Year!

In 2018, we completed a congregational vitality survey. It was revealed that Faith is in a strong position to grow. Our congregation believes that this is FERTILE GROUND because the presence of God in our worship, our connection to the community, and how we support each other.

We know we are going somewhere…but we haven’t articulated how we plan to get there. We are in the final stages of naming our mission and vision and coming up with branding to support it.  At the annual meeting on January 27, 2019 we will vote to adopt the following:


Be the body of Christ: welcoming all, inspired by God, and sent out to live our Faith.


Led by the Spirit to share God's grace.

Our current Faith logo visually represents our church building, a literal picture of what we are.   We are excited to share 2 new logo options that represent who we are: The body of Christ: welcoming all, inspired by God, and sent out to live our Faith. 

Here is a sneak peak at the two logos. At the annual meeting we will vote for our favorite.  Think about it from the perspective of someone seeking a church home. Which one makes you want to check us out and engage in ministry?



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Carole ostlie Jan 9, 2019 2:25pm

my vote the bottom one with wave/water...more dominant faith. design appeals to me more favorably

wally ostlie Jan 9, 2019 2:27pm

w ally likes first one, too one, appears more divine or regal. he thinks the bottom one is more common or pedestrian