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Faith Ministry Stories

Quietly Doing

Posted by Lloyd Sather on

Pastor John’s sermon on September 1, the last in the series detailing the Disciples of Jesus featured three men who get little mention in the Gospels: James (the Less), Simon (the Zealot) and Judas (not Iscariot)  These men, part of the “12”, were chosen by Jesus to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.   To carry the Good News of God’s love through Jesus, to be His hands and feet in service to this holy work.  Compared to Peter, James, John, Matthew, Phillip, etc. who are the headliners, these three are in the background quietly doing.

Their story reminds me of the work that is carried out by Faith members who are part of the Caring Ministries of this congregation.  Those who visit the home bound, who are ill or recovering from illness or surgery.  Befrienders who take time to listen to those troubled by life’s transitions.  Those who assist with daily tasks.  Those who are part of the Intercessory Prayer Chain.  Those who prepare, decorate, clean up for events.  Those who tend to the plants and flowers that beautify our property.  And so much more that is done behind the scenes, quietly and lovingly serving where and as they can.

The names of members serving in Faith Cares Ministries may not be on the tip of your tongue, but as Pastor John concluded his sermon he reminded us that their names (and ours) are on the list of those who are loved by Jesus.