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Sixth Grade Confirmation Registration Form

6th Grade Confirmation Registration




First Communion?*


Are you members of Faith Lutheran?*

If not a member, are you interested in membership?

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Your assistance is vital for the success of Faith's programming.  We appreciate your willingness to volunteer and ask that parents consider one or more options to volunteer or participate throughout the year. If you would like more details please check the box you are interested in or contact Cathy at 651-464-3323 x109 or cathyn@faithfl.org.


Check where you would like to volunteer.

While attending events hosted by Faith Lutheran Church pictures are often taken. These photos become an integral part of the ministry here. Being conscious of the society in which we live, and for the safety and well being of all people involved, we have adopted the following photo policy:
-         All photos will be taken in good taste and care will be given to photo composition
-         Photos will only be used for the promotion of Faith Lutheran Church
-         Photos will be used for in-house purposes. (Bulletin Boards, Presentations, website, Facebook, and Posters
within the church) Photos appearing on the website or social media will not have names attached unless
individuals tag themselves.
-         All photos will be utilized in a manner that is age-appropriate to those in the photo

If you are uncomfortable with photos of your student being used in accordance with these guidelines, please check the box.

I authorize my child to fully participate in Faith’s Children’s Ministry program. In the case a medical emergency arises and the emergency contact or myself cannot be reached by phone, I authorize Faith Lutheran Church and its agents to provide for my child.

I release Faith Lutheran Church and its agents, members or employees, for all liability for any accident, injury or claim arising from my child’s use of its facilities, transportation or participation in any of its programs.

I take full responsibility for any financial cost, which may be incurred, for the care of my child including emergency transportation and hospitalization.

I release Faith Lutheran Church and all of its agents from any liability for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

Do you agree*