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Faith Ministry Stories

It Will Not Feel Like Typical Worship


Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

Dear Faith Friends, Back on March 8th, when we had our last in-person worship at Faith, I had no idea it would be until July before we could even consider gathering in our building again. Thank you for your patience as we continue to wrestle with when and how to open our building, following the...

Popping Bubbles


Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

Pictured: Jesse Mollner My little bubble has been popping a whole lot lately. Did you know June 12th was Loving Day? When I saw that, I assumed it was like a bonus Valentine’s Day for the summer, but it’s actually the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in 1967 that banned...

Supporting Justice

Posted by Faith Lutheran Staff on

Faith ministry continues, even as we remain physically distant. We celebrate God's Spirit leading us this past week. Thank you to our amazing Grounds Beautification Team for care of the gardens and landscaping at Faith (while maintaining physical distance). The Prayer Garden is especially...

Be Well Faith update June 11

Posted on

The Be Well Faith committee met virtually on Thursday, June 11. This group continues to analyze information and data from the ELCA, CDC, and MN Department of Health. This information will guide decisions on when and how Faith can return to pre-pandemic routines and schedules. Along with...

Hot Weather Safety Tips

Posted by Jean Peikert, RN on

Hot weather can be dangerous for all ages. Here are a few tips to help prevent problems from heat. Stay out of the hot sun whenever you can and wear loose, light colored clothes. Wait until the sun is going down or early morning when it’s cooler to go for a run or yard work that is...

Catching up with Council - June 2020


Posted by Jennifer Tolzmann on

Dear Friends of Faith, Your Church Council met virtually on Tuesday, June 9. The Council remains grateful to Faith’s staff for their dedication to keeping the church in touch with members, for providing meaningful worship experiences, and for staying on top of all the information needed...

What is so rare as a day in June?

Posted by Faith Lutheran Staff on

Faith ministry continues, even as we remain physically distant. We celebrate God's Spirit leading us this past week. And what is so rare as a day in June?Then, if ever, come perfect days;Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,And over it softly her warm ear lays;Whether we look, or whether we...

The Pilgrim at Home

Posted by Dave Cagle on

With the current COVID crisis and people sheltering at home you may wonder what being a pilgrim and how making a pilgrimage is even possible, but it may be even more important in our spiritual focus and growth.  We are all on journeys – journeys of faith, journeys in relationships...

Slowly Re-engage


Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

Hello Faith! Covid 19 changed everything. Faith Lutheran is a large congregation—pre-pandemic, 400 people would gather in worship on a Sunday. By the end of March, we quickly bolstered our online presence and strategy. We invested our resources into making worship accessible and...

Pentecost Haikus

Posted by Pastor John Klawiter on

Words help us communicate. A few weeks ago, Deacon Nina asked you to share your thoughts on Pentecost in the form of haiku poetry. Here are a few of the poems you came up with:   Arlyn Tolzmann The Holy Spirit  blows into our lives each day, moving us to serve.   Cliff Hill Asked...

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